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Use Of Ski Goggles
- Dec 23, 2018 -

Goggles keep your eyes away from the cold and snow and from ultraviolet radiation. Without high quality snow goggles, your eyes will be exposed to many hazards such as abrasions, cracks, burns or frostbite. Not to mention the possibility of being injured by unforeseen obstacles such as branches.

For you, choosing a suitable snow sharp means that your eyes can be safely and comfortably protected from extreme cold, airborne impurities and UV rays, and provide you with a normal, distortion-free visual effect.

Choosing a pair of suitable snow mirrors is an important factor in enjoying mountaineering and skiing pleasure.

The trouble that snow mirror users often encounter is the lens fogging. This baby has its own level checker to effectively prevent fog and give the clear visual enjoyment.

When choosing a snow mirror, people often ignore the effects of harmful rays from the sun. Studies have found that prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light can lead to various eye diseases including cataracts; in a short period of time, it may cause temporary "snow blindness". Therefore, this 100% anti-harmful UVA and UVB ski goggles is your safety guarantee.