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​Trump Spurred: Trade Warfare Harley Turned Out To Be The First US Company To Surrender
- Jun 27, 2018 -

Trump spurred: Trade warfare Harley turned out to be the first US company to surrender

"I was surprised that Harley was actually the first American company to 'surrender'," Trump said on Twitter on Monday.

Harley-Davidson, a well-known motorcycle manufacturing company, has been one of the symbols of the United States for many years. It was announced yesterday that it would not be able to withstand the pressure of the EU to impose high tariffs on American motorcycles in the context of trade wars. Increase overseas production

Harley’s decision was a "face" to Trump’s naked face. After all, Trump is holding the slogan of protecting American companies to start a trade war. He also met with Harley’s senior officials last year. They all rode the cool Harley motorcycles on the scene, causing Trump to yell "I love Wisconsin!", "Harley! Made in the USA!"

Now, Trump is of course very dissatisfied with Harley’s decision, and he publicly complains on Twitter:

For them, I worked hard to finally let them sell their products to the EU without paying customs duties. Tariffs are just an excuse for Harley - you have to be patient! Make America Great Again! ”

But Harley is indeed suffering from trade wars.

The EU began implementing a 25% retaliatory tariff on US imports, including motorcycles, on Friday. The same is true for the Chinese market.

What does this mean? If the trade war really started, if you want to buy a Harley motorcycle in China, it will increase the tariff by 25%, then consumers will have to pay more to pay for the tariff.

If the trade war really started, the damage to American companies like Harley is undoubtedly the biggest. The cost of importing vehicles in China is higher than that of the domestic market. It can only force consumers to choose other countries. Branded goods. Therefore, Harley had to surrender to maintain the price of products around the world. It’s really awkward to play Trump’s face.