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These Three Trends Will Affect The Rise And Fall Of The Global Glasses Market
- Oct 15, 2018 -

These three trends will affect the rise and fall of the global glasses market


More recently, Technavio, a market research firm, released a global glasses market report, analyzing trends that may affect the rise and fall of the market from 2017 to 2021.

The global market for eyeglasses is growing as the proportion of consumers with visual impairment increases and demand for adjustable eye glasses grows.

Changes in consumer eating habits, more time spent playing video games, watching TV and using personal computers at work and at home are among the main causes of poor vision.

In developed countries such as the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain and Japan, sales have been increasing along with the variety of eyeglass products, the increasing design, color and function, and the influence of celebrity endorsement.

Here are three trends that will impact the rise and fall of the global eyewear market, according to Technavio consumer and retail research analysts:

1. Use of omni-channel distribution system and digital marketing

Online shopping is becoming more and more important in the economic system, with more and more emerging enterprises entering online platforms to sell their products.

In order to increase sales and sales and expand customer coverage, they are actively implementing online marketing and promotion activities.

Online marketing not only gives consumers easy access to products, but also helps businesses reduce operating costs.

TamalSaha, a leading retail goods and services research analyst at Technavio, said: "in an era of consumer demand, companies in the market are trying to provide online shopping consumers with customized services and other services, such as virtual dressing rooms or free home delivery trials.

As eyewear customization is becoming more popular, companies are trying to improve user satisfaction.

Some suppliers will also provide expert opinions and Suggestions on product selection based on customer requirements.

2. Growing demand for high-end glasses, personalized services and loyalty programs

Potential consumers in European countries such as Germany, the UK, France, Spain and Italy are seeing growing demand for high-end glasses and sunglasses.

Some popular high-end sunglasses brands include Tom Ford, burberry, Gucci, LV and armani.

Although these products are relatively low in sales, increased consumer spending on premium brands will help the global eyewear market in the forecast period.

Tamal added that "" personalized eyewear products and services will help small eyewear marketers build long-term relationships with customers and bring repeat business to businesses." "

Retailers can make it easier for consumers by offering personalized services."

Glasses become fashion items

Eyewear makers and designers are increasingly focusing on developing new styles, shapes, sizes, colors and frames for glasses and sunglasses.

With product development and innovation, consumers can choose products according to the occasion, such as tie-in work clothes, casual wear, party clothes or beach wear.

Prescription sunglasses have been popular for a while, and many consumers use two pairs of glasses a day, one for regular prescription and the other for prescription sunglasses.