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The Role Of Goggles
- Jan 16, 2019 -

Goggles should also be properly maintained to ensure that they perform their normal protective performance. Since the user needs to observe the working condition from the lens of the safety glasses, the lens must be kept clean and not damaged, so as not to obstruct the user's field of vision. The lens should always be kept clean and checked before use to ensure it is in good condition. If you find that your eye protection is damaged, or if there is a problem with the protective function of your eye protection, you must stop using it and immediately notify the supervisor to arrange for replacement. In addition, the safety glasses should be stored in a suitable storage location when they are in standby. For example, the eye mask should not be stored in direct sunlight, so as to prevent the eye mask material from deteriorating and its protective performance to be affected. Safety glasses should be scheduled for regular disinfection to maintain hygiene during use. Users should use their own personal protective equipment and cannot share or borrow.

To avoid radiation damage to the eyes, the most effective and most common method is to wear goggles. The so-called safety glasses are a kind of filter that can change the transmitted light intensity and spectrum. The glasses are divided into two categories, one for absorption and one for reflection. The former is used most. The glasses can absorb light of certain wavelengths and let other wavelengths of light pass through, so they all have a certain color, and the color presented is the transmitted light color. In the manufacture of such lenses, a portion of metal oxides such as iron, diamond, chromium, ruthenium, nickel, manganese, and some rare earth metal oxides such as ruthenium and the like are added to the general optical glass formulation. These metal oxides enable the glass to selectively absorb electromagnetic waves in a certain wavelength of light, such as lanthanum and iron oxides, which absorb large amounts of ultraviolet light. The use of such a glass lens can reduce the amount of light passing through certain lenses, reducing or preventing damage to the eye. Different colors of protective lenses can absorb light of different colors, and various types of protective glasses are introduced below.

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