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Sports Goggles Composition And Materials And Performance
- Jun 22, 2018 -

1. Lens, PC lens that is a space piece, is a non-broken lens, safety 100%. It is the thinnest lens in the world. It is 57% lighter than a glass lens, 37% lighter than a resin lens, and 26% thinner. At present, the world’s most impact-resistant lenses are first used in space shuttle observation windows and bullet-proof glass. Its impact resistance is 60 times that of glass sheets, 10 times that of ordinary safety resin sheets, and 100% UV resistance (UV400).

2. Magnesium alloy lens, its texture is light, 2/5 of titanium, 2/3 of aluminum, precision error of processing is only 0.02mm, bright color, not easy to fade, can add different colors to the lens, environmental protection products. Benefits: There is a grade, light and comfortable to wear.

Frame TR-90 frame is a super tough resin material, smooth, flexible and light, and comfortable to wear. It is characterized by high temperature resistance, instant high temperature resistance of 350 degrees, not easy to melt and burn, impact resistance is more than 2 times that of cellulose acetate (CA), memory function, anti-deformation index of 620KG/CM2, 30% lighter than CA .