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Ski Goggles Selection
- Aug 01, 2018 -

Ski goggles selection

In the choice of ski goggles, there are many glasses with gorgeous lenses on the market. Don't attract all the attention from this colorful lens at the beginning. After all, ski goggles have important safety protection functions and cannot be blindly pursued. . The choice of ski goggles should bear in mind the three basic functions that need to be met most: firstly, it must have the function of windproof, because skiing is a sport in a cold environment, and the direct contact of cold air with the human eye for a long time will cause eye irritation; secondly, The damage of ultraviolet rays should not be underestimated. If exposed to sunlight for a long time, it will cause different degrees of burns on the eyes. When purchasing, please pay attention to the fact that the mirror can not be fogged, which will block the line of sight when sliding, and make sure The material and appearance are safe to ensure that the ski goggles do not cause damage to the face after a fall.

Therefore, regardless of the shape of the ski goggles, try to choose a fully enclosed ski goggles. The outer frame is preferably made of soft plastic, which ensures that the ski goggles are close to the face to prevent air ingress. The mirror surface should be coated with a colored material that is resistant to fogging and UV coating. This material should be soft enough not to be deformed and broken, so that even if the mirror is hit, it will not cause damage to the face. The outer frame of the frame should be equipped with a venting hole made of sponge, so that the hot air formed by the facial skin can be discharged out of the mirror, so that the ski mirror maintains a good visual effect throughout the chemical process.

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The necessary factors are considered comprehensively. The most important thing is comfort. Many ski goggles are designed in Europe. We may have a discount on comfort when wearing them. Therefore, if conditions are met, it is recommended that you buy them on site.