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Ski Goggles Experience
- Jun 22, 2018 -

Experience 1: Choose a fully-enclosed ski goggles that looks like a goggles, can cling to the face, prevent air ingress, and effectively protect the eyes from the cold air. Experience 2: Select lenses with a UV protection index of UV400 to protect the eyes and resist UV rays.

Experience 3: It is best to choose lenses coated with anti-fog coating.

Experience 4: Choose flexible lenses and frames that will not cause any damage to the face when impacted.

Experience 5: The upper frame of the frame must be made of a breathable mouth made of a breathable sponge, so that the heat emitted by the facial skin can be scattered outside the mirror.

Experience 6: Skiers wearing glasses should choose ski goggles (OTG) that can be fitted with myopic lenses when selecting ski goggles.

Experience 7: The method of selecting the frame of the snow mirror with the myopic frame inside, it is easy to hurt the glasses when falling, and the myopia frame is easy to scratch the snow lens, especially the coating layer.

Experience 8: Select the snow mirror wearing of different lens colors according to the weather conditions of the snow field, namely brightness. In general, the yellow, orange, and red lenses will have a significant brightening effect. Of course, if the weather is bright, a snow mirror with such a color lens may be easily fatigued.