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Ski Goggles Advantage
- Dec 21, 2018 -

1. Imported TUP raw material is used as the frame, the material has excellent flexibility, can be kneaded freely, is not easy to be deformed or broken, so as to ensure that the mirror will not cause damage to the eye when it is impacted.

2. Double-layer lens made of PC injection molding (or PC board). The inner layer lens is professionally anti-fog treatment, which is not affected by temperature difference. It has anti-scratch, anti-shock, anti-UV, anti-fog and so on. Function; the outer surface of the outer lens can be hardened, vacuum coating, etc.; the hardened lens has good impact and wear resistance; the coated lens has impact resistance, scratch resistance, UV resistance 100% And other functions.

3. The lens has a unique venting hole design to prevent freezing and fogging. Double-layer soft PC, the hollow insulation layer has a good ventilation effect, and the multi-layer cotton (or single-layer cotton) with a generous appearance is close to the face, and it is soft. The delicate material does not give any discomfort to the face, and its breathable function allows the hot air discharged from the facial skin to be dissipated outside the mirror to ensure a good visual effect on the mirror surface.

4. It can be adjusted to any head type with a non-slip (or ordinary) high-elastic elastic band that can be adjusted to the length.

5. It adopts human body optical design, the gap is breathable, its field of view is wide and can block strong wind, snow particles, fog, dust and all kinds of glare.