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Safety Goggles Daily Maintenance Precautions
- Jan 05, 2019 -

Do not use protective glasses directly after using the glasses. The most scientific method is to rinse with water first, then apply some hand sanitizer on the lens, remove the dirt and continue to rinse with water. Finally, let the glasses stand up and let the water flow from Punch the lens up and down so that there will be no water stains on the lens, and the dry cloth can be used to dry the moisture on the frame.

The maintenance of protective glasses is very important. In the absence of water, use glasses cloth to directly wipe the glasses in one direction. Do not wipe them indiscriminately and easily wear the lenses. But don't wipe it directly with the glasses cloth for a long time, because there are a lot of tiny dust particles on the lens. If dry rubbing, the cloth will rub the dust particles back and forth on your lens, just like rubbing back and forth on the lens with sandpaper. The lens is long after a long time. The glasses are dirty and greased. Always remember to rinse them with water before you keep your lenses for a long time.