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Protective Glasses Color Selection Tips
- Jan 05, 2019 -

The first thing to be clear is that the color of the safety glasses does not have much to do with its own function. Some so-called safety glasses only brush a layer of color, lacking a coating that really protects.

Dust-proof glasses, anti-shock glasses, and chemical-proof glasses are generally made of flat-light, colorless lenses. If you have additional requirements, you can choose another.

The color of the lens of the anti-arc radiation glasses is deep and shallow. When selecting, it should be properly selected according to the intensity of the arc during operation. The arc is strong and the color is dark; otherwise, the light lens should be chosen. Failure to do so will result in impaired vision.

As for the general anti-glare-illuminated safety glasses, you can choose the appropriate color, as long as you wear direct light without glare, the color will not be deep enough to affect the field of view.