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Protective Glasses Attention
- Jun 22, 2018 -

The selected goggles should use products that have passed inspection by the product inspection agency.

The width and size of the goggles should suit the user's face.

Remove the mirror with your hands and gently handle it. If it is a temporary placement of the glasses, place the lens with the convex surface toward it.

When you are not wearing glasses, please put them in the glasses and put them in the glasses case. When storing, please avoid contact with the corrosive articles such as insect repellent, toilet articles, cosmetics, hair spray, medicines, etc. Otherwise, the lenses and frames will be deteriorated and deteriorated. Discoloration.

If the lenses wear rough, worn flowers, frames deformation, damage, loose screws, the lens is also easy to loosen, the frame is loose or discomfort, should be adjusted in time. If the above phenomenon occurs, when the frame is deformed, it will cause a burden on the nose or the ear, which will affect the vision of the wearer and should be replaced in time. It is recommended to go to the specialty store for regular adjustment.

The coated lenses have a high definition and cannot be exposed to organic solvents, oils, sweat acids, high temperatures, chemicals, and hard objects. Otherwise, they can easily damage the lens film, affecting the clarity and appearance.

When the lens is wet or wet with sweat, wipe it clean with a lens in one direction.

Goggles should be used by special persons to prevent eye infections.