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​Principle Of Bicycle Helmet
- Aug 09, 2018 -

Principle of bicycle helmet

The physical principles of bicycle helmet and motorcycle helmet protection are completely opposite. You have never seen a motorcycle crash helmet that will be torn apart. The bicycle helmet is to be completely and evenly broken and broken at the moment of the impact. The impact force is broken down by the fragmentation of the helmet itself. Reduce the impact that people receive. If the helmet is under impact and is intact, it means that the impact will be 100% transferred to your head. Use your flesh to bear everything. At the same time, it's important to know that there isn't a helmet manufacturer in the world that can, or guarantee, that if they use their helmets, they will play a safe role in ensuring that you protect your head when it hits. In other words, the helmet only avoids or reduces the bruises in the secondary damage of the face and head and slows down the impact when it is slightly hit. However, under the high impact force, there is no helmet, and all of them are dead and upturned. This is not a motorcycle helmet. Expensive helmets, one is that the material meets the requirements of this sport safety, and the other is light, long time with a helmet. If it is heavier, it is really tired, and the helmet with unreasonable design is very stuffy. Third, the expensive helmet is generally very nice, giving people a feeling of cool. Fourth, after your helmet is in your hand, you will see the most work place, no pits. There is also the film on the outside of the helmet. The helmet below 200 can feel that it is completely covered by the plastic paper. It can be opened by hand and it is difficult to see. And the expensive combination of the film and the helmet is very fit.