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Motorcycle Safe Driving Points
- Jan 16, 2019 -

    To drive a motorcycle, you must first master the correct driving posture. The soles of the feet are stepped on the ankles, the toes are forward, and the fuel tank is clamped on the knees; the palms are down, and the handlebars are lightly gripped as if they are going forward; the whole body is naturally relaxed and the eyes are looking straight ahead.

    Always pay attention to the situation of the road ahead, and check whether there are slippery sections, protruding or damaged roads, broken stones, things lying in the road, oil stains on the curved roads and small stones accumulated.

    When changing lanes or starting, use the rearview mirror to check the rear condition at any time, confirm the safety and then start or change the lane. No special circumstances should avoid sudden stop or slow down, so as not to be chased by the rear car. When turning, you must first slow down and then turn to prevent deceleration during cornering.

    Although the two-wheeled motorcycle is flexible, it is not allowed to cross or curve around from the two-row vehicles that are driving. It is not allowed to overtake from the right side. This driving method is not only dangerous, but also makes other drivers nervous. It is easy to cause traffic accidents.

    When the vehicle is waiting in the queue, the two-wheeled motorcycle should not overtake other waiting vehicles from the middle of the two-row fleet. These vehicles may reach out at any time, suddenly open the door or suddenly turn the vehicle.

    On the road that travels in the same direction, the two-wheeled motorcycle should drive in the center of the occupied lane. Do not drive on the edge of the lane. This will prevent other vehicles from occupying the lane of the motorcycle from the left and right sides. Avoid scraping with the body and rear view mirror of other vehicles, or hit by other throwing objects in the car. At the same time, it can prevent the blast generated by large vehicles from overtaking the motorcycle, which is unfavorable to the driving operation of the motorcycle. influences. On the highway, you must drive on the far right lane.

    The position of the motorcycle body is low, and when the vehicle is running in parallel with a vehicle with a high body such as a bus or a large truck, a line of sight dead angle is often formed, which is not suitable for being discovered by a large vehicle driver. Therefore, it is not advisable to approach a large car while driving a motorcycle. It is not advisable to have a long distance in parallel with a large car.

    When the car is turning, there is a certain "blind zone" on the driver's line of sight. It is not easy to notice a motorcycle with a small appearance. Therefore, when the motorcycle is turning in a car, the driver must drive carefully and try to stay away from the turning car.