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Motorcycle Ride And Loading Safety Knowledge
- Jan 16, 2019 -

1. Wear motorcycle goggles

2. In order to carry passengers, the motorcycle must have a proper seat. The seat must be enough for the driver and the passenger to sit together. It should not be too crowded. The passenger must have a foot.

3. When the occupant is riding, keep both feet on the foot pad, do not leave while walking, do not land on the ground, hold the handle or belt, even if the motorcycle stops, keep sitting, keep behind the driver, turn Be consistent with the driver, maintain a center of gravity, avoid conversations and unnecessary movements.

4. Mopeds are not allowed to carry people. Two-wheeled motorcycles are only allowed to carry one person. The two-wheeled motorcycle is not allowed to seat in front of the driver's seat, and the rear seat is not allowed to carry children under the age of 12.

5. Two-wheeled motorcycles are not allowed to carry people while driving on the highway.

6. Two-wheeled motorcycles and mopeds are not allowed to exceed 1.5m in height from the ground. The width is not allowed to exceed 15cm of the handlebars, and the length is not allowed to exceed 20cm.