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Motorcycle Driver's Dress
- Jan 16, 2019 -

1. Because motorcycles have the characteristics of non-closed driving operation parts, driving motorcycles should be equipped with the necessary protective clothing according to this feature.

2. When driving a motorcycle, the driver's upper body should wear clothes that are eye-catching and have obvious goals. It is not advisable to wear clothes with cuffs that are too large to prevent the cuff from affecting the operation with the wind and wind.

3, driving motorcycles can not wear slippers to prevent slippage during operation.

4, the winter weather is cold, the motorcycle driver's dress is light, tight, warm and protective clothing is appropriate, pay special attention to the use of warm gloves and cold shoes, and protect the knee.

5. Both the two-wheeled motorbike driver and the occupant should wear safety helmets and goggles. It is best to wear brown or blue goggles under the sun to prevent glare from irritating the eyes. However, when driving at night, the goggles should be white, because the white goggles have good transparency, and can prevent the insects and dust from being blind.

6, when driving a motorcycle at night. It is best to wear reflective clothing, wearing a reflective helmet. Do not wear naked skin.

7, in order to prevent hand sweating, it is best to wear cotton gloves or single leather gloves when driving a motorcycle.