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How To Choose Ski Helmet?
- Aug 07, 2018 -

How to choose ski helmet?

1. When you install the GoPro bracket on your helmet, do you want to punch your helmet? Do you still have to affix your so-called 3M double-sided tape for your helmet? Also think about using straps or using 502? Then choose a helmet with a bracket interface. Please note that this direct interface will usually have a GoPro label, which means that the corresponding style of the helmet can be directly compatible with the GoPro bracket interface, which is very convenient. The helmets with this interface are three of Giro, Edit, Flare, and Cipher S.

2. Soft Shell, soft shell, means that the helmet is soft, of course, it is not a kind of brown goods with a few sponges attached to the wool hat, but a medium-sized soft shell, and those belts. Soft helmets with D3O woven or protective sheets are different. They are safer, more protective, flexible and comfortable. They are also durable. They conform to CE EN1077 and use two different density VN materials. Respond to the impact of high energy and low energy, more in line with the situation encountered in normal use. The specific structure of a soft shell helmet is usually:

1) Low-density VN layer, VN (Vinyl Nitrile, vinyl nitrile, I will not write the molecular formula). It is a foam pad, a good cushioning material, soft and high compression ratio, and absorbs the last line of defense.

2) High-density VN layer, the main impact-resistant area, strong and tough.

3) Flexible shell, specially formulated plastic, can be deformed together with the VN layer and will not crack.

Common soft shell helmets on the market include Giro Discord, Combyn

3.X-STATIC®, if the translation is not professional, some will be translated into cashmere lining. I seem to have encountered this word when I introduced the straps and linings of the snow mirror. In fact, this is a relatively good new type of nylon fiber material with a high-purity silver ion layer on the surface. This fabric has very good heat transfer conductivity and reflection ability, so it can resist static electricity, reflect infrared heat, and also antibacterial and anti-microbial. Therefore, as the inner layer of the liner, it is possible to deodorize, antibacterial, and adjust the temperature.

4. Adjustment system, the adjustment system is now usually multi-dimensional, and some also have a self-locking design, including the knob in the head circumference direction, the vertical direction telescopic type, and the design of the auxiliary gasket. The adjustment system enhances stability, the ergonomic design of the fixing method, and the internal filling and accommodating of the hat, seamlessly matched with the snow mirror fit design, are basically industry standards.

5. Ventilation and temperature regulation, including constant temperature control, air flow control, snow mirror defogging, warm and humid air flow guidance control, fresh and dry, warm and comfortable every day. Uvex also integrates a miniature air pump head air pressure and airflow adjustment system to maintain the normal circulation of air. The air pump automatically reduces the air pressure according to the intake air volume, so that the intake air is enhanced and formed in the head. The "air cushion" oppression phenomenon disappeared. Greatly enhanced comfort. Ventilation systems usually have two options, one is a ventilation system that can be manually opened and closed, and the other is a fixed-open ventilation system. I would recommend that you choose an adjustable ventilation system that can be opened and closed, which is useful in low temperatures as well as in high winds and high speeds.

6. Head Shell The hard shell, usually designed behind the hard shell, forms a collapsing energy-absorbing area for maximum protection of the head. Some hard-shell technologies, in particular, refer to the internal microclimate regulation management system created by the helmet casing and the air passage inside the helmet, rather than a single-finger casing. This is similar to a temperature and humidity air conditioner in the head. It can adjust the humidity autonomously and enhance or reduce the air flow intensity in the helmet by adjusting the opening and closing of the passage. With the liner of high-tech materials, you can keep it dry and can The need to maintain the temperature autonomously, bringing a feeling of coolness or warmth.

7. One-piece molding technology: it is not a piece of splicing, but an integral molding, which can fully guarantee the safety of the helmet and ensure the effectiveness of the ventilation design. However, most of the helmets are now integrally formed. This technology does not Rare.

8. Snow Lens Base: A soft snap-on strap that is usually divided into silicone and a rigid clip. The advantage of softness is the added safety. The disadvantage is to avoid the type of snow lens that is worn behind and can be separated from the back. Because the thickness of the buckle is large, it may not be inserted into the headband. Go inside. The hard advantage is convenient, but some hard clips are easy to break or throw.

9. Removable liner: The liner is removable and washable, and the liner is an anti-allergic quick-drying material. For anti-allergic, we seem to have few people who are allergic to this type of material. There are many people allergic to foreigners, and there are many allergens. The performance of allergies is also terrible, so they value anti-allergy.

10. Strap adjustment system: Usually the helmet is a female buckle or toothed belt, and Uvex's toothed belt switch design I feel very convenient, there is a red button on the helmet strap, through this button, only one Fingers can easily achieve the elastic adjustment of the helmet belt. When most helmets want to loosen the helmet belt, they must have two hands. If you can't get rid of the gloves, you can get it with one finger.

11. Removable ear cover: Generally, the ear cover of the same brand is universal. It can be replaced with the ear plate of the audio plug-in. It can be replaced with the ear protection board with the cold and deep powder warm function.

12. Original sound reproduction: All the helmets know that because there are ear guards, once the ear parts are covered, the transmission of external sound is distorted. Therefore, some helmets have added an independent diaphragm system to the ear protectors to maintain the sound quality and volume of the original natural sound. This is very safe for you.

13. Ultra-lightweight design adds carbon fiber applications. But this is not the design of every brand. It usually only appears in the brand's Carbon flagship series.