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How To Choose Ski Glasses?
- Aug 06, 2018 -

How to choose ski glasses?

Ski glasses are essential equipment for those who participate in skiing. Choosing the right ski goggles is very important because of the strong sunlight reflection in the snow and the great irritation of the cold wind in the taxi. Good skiing glasses must have the following conditions.

Anti-fog The anti-fog function of ski glasses is mainly on the inner lens. The material of the inner lens is generally a cellulose acetate plate, which has strong water absorption. After the anti-fog liquid treatment, it can be fogged for 20 seconds on the water outlet hole of the water temperature of 75 degrees Celsius and a diameter of 6 cm. The price of cellulose acetate sheets is very expensive, and domestic boards cannot meet optical standards. 95% of anti-fog lenses are imported and anti-fog properties are permanent. Therefore, buy ski glasses to buy cellulose acetate plates for endoscopes.

Transmittance The color of the ski goggles is made by adding a color master or toner during injection molding, so the color directly affects the transmittance of the lens. When buying ski glasses, choose lenses with different transmittance according to the light when skiing. According to the transmittance of the lens, the lens can be divided into S0, S1, S2, S3, S4, etc., for example, ski glasses with S0 or S1 transmittance should be selected on cloudy or night. When the sun is full, you should choose S2 and S3 light ski glasses.

Regular ski glasses, the package must indicate the light transmittance of the lens, if you can buy a high transmittance lens with the mirror as the best choice, so you can ski all day. At present, magnet absorbing lenses are becoming fashionable, and it is easier to replace lenses with different transmittances.

Frame material Ski goggles should be made of TPU material. The hardness is 85 hardness or 90 hardness. This frame has the best comfort and impact resistance and can protect the user's face in the maximum range. The author strongly recommends the spherical mirror because the spherical mirror has a wider field of view.

Maintenance Try not to touch the mirror with your hands. Do not scratch the mirror with sharp objects (be careful not to put the phone, keys, etc. together to avoid scratching the mirror), keep the mirror clean and free of stains. Observe the glasses before and after each use. If there is dust, use silk or glasses to remove it.

Staining can be done with a lens on a professional camera and gently circle around the stain until it is removed. If you must use an aqueous detergent, you should use neutral. Do not immerse the glasses in water or take water, so it is easier to dry with dust or leave traces of impurities after evaporation.