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How To Choose Outdoor Sports Glasses?
- Aug 05, 2018 -

How to choose outdoor sports glasses?

Extreme sportsman; should be equipped with sports safety glasses, which are safe (PC lens), (TR-90 frame) protection, comfortable (prosperous and foot cover), beautiful (with sports, casual wear).

Mountaineering enthusiasts; snow on the mountains is easy to damage the eyes. In terms of ultraviolet rays, the 10,000-foot-high snow reflects more than 50% of the beach. The naked eye's retina is easily damaged, causing great pain called snow blindness, and sunglasses can be reduced. This damage, but don't be fooled by cloudy weather, because ultraviolet light will penetrate the clouds, glare will cause headaches, and sports glasses will have a 95-100 filtering effect.

Glacial athletes; sports glasses need to have a penetration rate of 5-10, while multi-purpose sports glasses need to have a penetration rate of 20. When facing the mirror, if you can easily see your eyes, it is too bright. The color of the lens is gray or green. If you want to see the real color, if you want cloudy or dense fog, look at the best choice. Yellow lenses, can not face the sun, otherwise it will directly damage the eyes, but the general sports glasses can prevent ultraviolet rays from penetrating and protect the eyes. Sports glasses must have side protection devices to reduce the sun penetration of the eyes, but must have good ventilation to prevent If the lens is fogged, or if you use anti-fog lenses or anti-fog cleaners, you need to take extra spare sports glasses to avoid loss.

In the choice of the shape of the sports glasses, each person has their own good, different face has different requirements for different shapes of frames. Remember the principle of complementarity; round face with square, square face with ellipse. The frame selection requires softness, elasticity, and impact resistance, and the face is protected from damage during exercise. The veneer design of the frame keeps the eyes close to the edge of the frame, preventing the strong wind from irritating the eyes during rapid movement. The selection of sports glasses should pay attention to the function of the lens. Because different lenses do not filter the light, the suitable motion environment is different. Dark lenses are better than light lenses. It can effectively block UV rays and increase CV index