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​Harley Davis Will Begin To Occupy The Electric Bicycle And Electric Motorcycle Market By 2020
- Aug 04, 2018 -

Harley Davis will begin to occupy the electric bicycle and electric motorcycle market by 2020

Almost every cruiser motorcycle has only one name in my eyes: Harley. But this is not the point we want to talk about today. Harley-David is making their first electric motorcycle, which is big news, but as a bicycle media, this is not the point. The bigger news is that they are also developing their own electric bikes. why? They describe the way the future traffic looks, and electric-powered cars will gradually take over the current market share of gasoline vehicles.

Their first electric bike, Livewire, will be unveiled around 2020. Other options, such as the eMTB concept car or smaller, more operational motorcycles, will be available in 2022.

This electric motorcycle prototype concept has not yet been named, but there is currently no more information on the details and specifications, mainly because this is still only a concept. But with Harley Davis's huge brand influence and penetration, and Harley's drive to develop a young market, the electric market seems bound to set off a storm.