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Football Glasses Details
- Jun 22, 2018 -

As a special nearsighted goggles, soccer glasses are different from ordinary glasses in design and adopt no-nose support design. Usually, soft nose pads are used to achieve the function of cushioning movement and elevation of exhaust.

In the selection of general football glasses should pay attention to two aspects:

On the one hand, the design of football glasses has a high camber and a low camber. The high camber design is generally used for people with high nose bridges, such as European and American crowds. The advantage of this kind of glasses is that it is more suitable for people's faces and has a strong sense of comfort. The disadvantages are poor anti-fog and exhaust effects. Generally, Asians, especially those with high myopia (above 600 degrees), are recommended to choose low-bend basketball glasses.

On the other hand, the height of the nose pads of the football glasses will bring about differences in the exhaust effect and the wearing effect. Usually, the high nose pad exhaust effect is better, but the pressure feeling is slightly stronger when worn, and the low nose pad has a lower pressure, but the exhaust effect is low. Relatively bad, so when buying, it is recommended to choose according to the individual's wearing comfort requirements after the trial, and appropriate to improve the wearing comfort by adjusting the tightness of the football glasses.