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Correct Purchase Of Ski Goggles
- Nov 21, 2018 -

Peripheral horizon.

When you buy goggles, make sure you have a perimeter of at least 180 degrees. You will want to make sure you have enough visibility to see other leading snowboarders and skiers.

Match it with your helmet.

Make sure your goggles work well when you wear a helmet and the two systems work together.

Suitable with the drawstring.

Make sure your goggles fit and come with a drawstring that allows you to easily adjust to fit. Make sure the strap is strapped and does not irritate your skin or clip your hair.

Padded protection.

The inner ring of the goggles must be padded so that they do not press too much or even cut to your face when you hit their surface.

Warm and comfortable.

Make sure you can adjust the tight fit of your goggles. Also have a good match with your nose and other parts of your face. Unsuitable goggles will bounce off your face when you are on the bag.