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​Analysis On The Scale And Development Trend Of China's Ski Industry Market In 2018
- Aug 15, 2018 -

Analysis on the Scale and Development Trend of China's Ski Industry Market in 2018

China Business Intelligence Network News: After more than 20 years of accumulation in China, skiing has ushered in a good development period. Together with the successful bid for the Winter Olympics and the historical opportunity of 300 million people on ice and snow, the Chinese ski industry welcomes An unprecedented opportunity for development. In 2017, China's ski industry market was about 13.65 billion yuan, including about 2.37 billion yuan in ski clothing, 1.43 billion yuan in ski equipment, and 9.68 billion yuan in ski resorts. It is estimated that by 2018, the national ski industry will exceed 15 billion yuan.

Source: China Business Research Institute

development trend:

The ski market is growing rapidly

In the future, China will initially form an ice and snow industry system based on the construction and operation of ice and snow facilities, ice and snow mass leisure fitness and competition performance as the core, driven by ice and snow sports tourism and ice and snow equipment manufacturing. From the perspective of industry growth, the average growth rate of the ice and snow industry in the next 10 years will remain at 20%-30%. During the rapid development of the market, the number of ski resorts and the number of skiers in the year will increase significantly. The equipment for snow sports will gradually grow with the rapid development of the industry.

The rise of indoor ski resort

Unlike the outdoor ski resorts, there are so many policy issues, such as indoor skiing, simulated skiing, and snow and ice fields. In 2017, Wanda's first indoor skiing hall opened. After many years, Shanghai Silver Seven Stars will return, and the new indoor skiing halls of Wanda and Qiaobo will be promoted as planned. In the future, indoor ski resorts will be a major trend in the development of the ski industry.

Sports + ice and snow development is hot

With the development of the sports industry and the ice and snow industry, the sale of ski-themed tourism products is very popular. At the same time, the program like “Cross-Bound Snow King” also has a very high audience rating. It is an example of cross-border cooperation between the ski industry and other industries. The integration of skiing and other industries has become a trend, such as skiing plus tourism, skiing, film and so on.

For more reference, please refer to the "2018 China Ski Industry Market Prospect Research Report" published by the China Business Research Institute.