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​8 Tips To Buy Ski Goggles
- Aug 08, 2018 -

8 tips to buy Ski goggles  

1. Choose a fully enclosed ski goggles. This ski goggles is similar to a goggles. It can be placed close to the face to prevent air ingress, effectively protecting the cold air from blowing on the eyes and around the eyes.

2. Choose a lens with UV protection index above UV400 to protect the eyes and resist UV rays.

3. Choose lenses that are coated with an anti-fog coating.

4, choose flexible lenses and frames, will not cause damage to the face when impacted.

5, the upper frame of the outer frame must be made of breathable sponge vents, in order to make the facial skin discharge of hot air scattered outside the mirror.

6. Skiers wearing glasses should choose a ski goggle that can be equipped with myopia lenses when choosing a ski goggles.

7. Choose the method of the large mirror frame with the near-mirror frame. It is easy to hurt the glasses when falling, and the myopia frame is easy to scratch the snow lens, especially the coating layer.

8, according to the weather conditions of the snow field, that is, the brightness to choose a different lens color of the snow mirror to wear. Generally, the yellow-orange-red lens will have a significant brightening effect. Of course, if the weather is bright, the snow mirror wearing the color lens is easy to eye fatigue.