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10 Points Of Ski Injury Prevention
- Aug 08, 2018 -

10 points of ski injury prevention

Skiing is a sport that stimulates danger. When you enjoy the pleasure of skiing, you are vulnerable to some injuries caused by falling, as well as body, eyes, skin and other injuries. Let's talk about how to avoid these injuries.

First of all, it is hard to hurt. The main injuries include falling on skiing. Second, the skiers collide with each other. Third, when they take the cable car, they fall off the cable car for various reasons.

First of all, look at the seven points that need to be taken to prevent the occurrence of hard injuries:

1. First try to play on the regular snowy road, so as to avoid accidental fall. For example, Schumacher's fall, he is likely to slide on the irregular snowy road to hit the rock. Generally speaking, many people have played on the formal snowy roads, that is, many people have explored the road for you, so that at least the rock can be avoided.

2. Try to choose less snowy roads for tourists, pay attention to controlling the distance with other tourists, and pay attention to the situation of other tourists around you, so as to avoid colliding with other people.

3. Be sure to do your best, and don't overestimate your own level, or you can face your face and sneak up on the middle and high grades. You must know that you will face a similar Schumacher or Merkel injury when you find that you can't control the balance and direction. disease.

4. To master the "safest throwing method", if you fall out of control during taxiing, you should quickly lower your center of gravity, sit back, do not feel free to struggle, lift your limbs, bend your body, let them slide down, avoid head-down, but also Absolutely avoid rolling, naturally decline with the slope, waiting to stop slowly. There are three donations when you fall, don't support your hands, don't move your hands and feet, don't roll your body.

5. In terms of equipment, in addition to the necessary snow shoes, snowboards, and canes, the most important aspect of skiing is the helmet. Some skiers don't like to wear helmets. This is very dangerous. If Schumacher is not saved on the spot without wearing a helmet, have you not heard of it?

6. Pay more attention when taking the cable car, sit deeper, hold on to guard, don't make trouble, pay attention to whether there is ice and snow on the pedal, pay attention to anti-slip.

7. The temperature in the snow field is low, pay attention to warm-up activities.

For the damage caused to the body's body frostbite, eyes, skin, etc., you need to pay attention to the following three points:

1. The body frostbite is mainly caused by the low temperature of the snow field. China's climate is not the same as that in Europe. The warm snow in Europe can even wear single ski. We are cold and windy, we must pay attention to keep warm, gloves. Ear protection and ear protection shoes should be worn as much as possible to avoid frostbite on the hands and feet.

2. Skin care. Pay attention to some oily balm skin care products to prevent rough and dry skin. The snow is not comfortable. If the shoes are uncomfortable, don't change them. Don't hold them hard to avoid blisters.

3. Skiing is necessary to look at white things for a long time, which is easy to cause snow blindness. Sunglasses should be prepared to prevent the sun reflected by the snow from stabbing the eyes.

In summary, there are 10 points that you need to pay attention to while skiing.