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10 Excuses Without A Helmet When Riding
- Aug 10, 2018 -

10 excuses without a helmet when riding

1. The helmet is too heavy! —— In fact, this is no longer the case. Now the average helmet is only about 300 grams, and the expensive one can do 170g.

2. If I don't ride the express train, I don't need a helmet. ——Now the “road killer” (the various people who do not have the driving skills but drive on the road and endanger the safety of others.) So much, you know...

3. They are too expensive. - It's much cheaper than squeezing the scalp and getting the medicine out of the accident room, and it doesn't hurt.

4. The helmet will mess up my hair. - Yes, this is the truth. However, if you don't have a helmet, you will really ruin your head. You can consider choosing a day of chaotic hair or a bad life for a lifetime.

5. Looks ugly. - Error. Wearing a helmet, you look professional. Drivers will respect you and give you more space to ride. Moreover, scientists have found that wearing a helmet has a higher percentage of return than wearing a helmet.

6. Wearing a helmet is too hot. —— The helmet is light, has a lot of vents, and it won't be hot. The vents are more natural and best.

7. If I don't ride on a busy road, I don't need a helmet. - This is not the right concept. Only 10% of bicycle injuries are related to cars. Falling over the stone, falling into the pit, etc. is a bigger problem. The occurrence of these accidents may occur on any road.

8. I never fell off the car. - Maybe only temporarily. Everyone has a crash. Moreover, some serious injuries are caused by a crash. Don't be lucky.

9. Wearing a helmet looks ridiculous. - There are a lot of colors and designs in the helmet now, you can find a helmet that makes you look handsome.

10. My friends don't wear helmets. —— Maybe your friend doesn't know the importance of the helmet. If you are the first person to recognize this problem, and the first tie is wearing a helmet, think about the day when a friend falls because of you. Learn to wear a helmet and save a life, how much he will appreciate you.

Life is only once, in order to carry out the activities smoothly and safely, responsible for yourself and teammates, event sponsors, please bring a helmet when you are active! ! !