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Why do you wear sports glasses when running?
- Aug 24, 2018 -

Why do you wear sports glasses when running?

Modern urbanites are faster than any generation, especially those who like to run outdoors. Yichao believes that as long as the science runs, health will always come to you, but! If you don't wear sports glasses, running in the sun will really hurt your eyes!

In fact, whether it is naked or wearing glasses, running during the day can not avoid a potential threat, that is, ultraviolet rays!

What is sports glasses?

Safety glasses worn during exercise must be safe (PC lens), protective (TR-90 frame, soft and flexible), comfortable (slip-proof nose pads and foot covers), beautiful (with sports, casual wear) ;

Sports glasses are the primary consideration for the development of sports protection and safety, while sunglasses are more focused on the aesthetics and fashion of their glasses. Although both have the effect of reducing the brightness of strong light, sports glasses also have the effect of blocking ultraviolet rays, while simple sunglasses do not have the function of resisting ultraviolet rays.

Sunglasses can be used to make decorations, but they can't protect the eyes. Instead, they will increase the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes. Because the human body has a self-protecting instinctive reaction, when the eyes encounter strong light, the pupils will naturally become smaller, making the ultraviolet rays entering the eyes. Reduced energy, once wearing sunglasses without anti-UV function, will enlarge the pupil, plus the glasses do not have the effect of isolating ultraviolet rays. At this time, the eyes are equal to the opening of the portal, allowing the ultraviolet rays to enter, and the damage to the eyes can be imagined. .

Sports glasses are more suitable for face type, the frame is not afraid of folding, the lens is not afraid of breaking, in any case, it will not cause harm to your body. In particular, the veneer's veneer design allows the eyes to stay close to the edge of the frame, preventing the strong wind from irritating the eyes during rapid movement.

Ski goggles pay more attention to sealing and anti-fog, while sports glasses focus on anti-UV function and fashionable style. The materials are also different, the ski goggles are generally tpu, the sports glasses are plate, pc, tr90 and so on.

There is evidence that glasses that are exposed to sunlight for more than two hours a day are more than 40% more likely to suffer from cataracts than indoor workers.

Or ordinary myopia, the ability to protect against harmful outdoor light is "invisible", and other defects are more obvious!

Optical performance PK

Whether it's ordinary frame glasses or contact lenses, their role is to provide clear vision, but that's it, no resistance to strong visible light, and invisible ultraviolet light. A pair of professional sports glasses usually work hard on optical protection, such as a series of high-end products such as black scorpion myopia sports glasses.

It usually starts with the lens material and coating, and achieves the effect of “double prevention” against strong visible light and harmful ultraviolet rays!

Protective performance PK

The comparison here is the physical protection performance, in fact, the ordinary frame glasses also have a certain degree of protection.

However, due to the nature of its materials, it was determined that it could not resist some violent blows. For example, in the fierce confrontation exercise, the pros who wear glasses must have experienced the situation of being beaten, in case the eyes were injured by the debris.....

The professional sports glasses are usually the "martial arts masters" who are both rigid and soft. Take the black scorpion sports mirror as an example. The myofoam lens of carbonated polyester is a classic material that can be called "not broken or cracked". Fight with the external force "positive hard just"!

With the protective gasket made of silicone material and the frame of elastic memory resin material, the energy absorption and shock absorption in the face of impact can keep the eye in a safe state.

Comfort PK

Ordinary myopia often encounters these conditions while running:

As the running is bumpy, the visual image is not clear.

When sweating, the glasses will fall down. At this time, you can only push up.

Sometimes sand and bugs fly in from the edge of the frame and squint.

A pair of professional sports glasses should not only adjust the comfort of the frame, but also provide an effective clamping force.

Professional sports glasses, also equipped with silicone nose pads, non-slip strips, and wrap-around rims, not only do not fear the slip caused by sweating, but also 360 ° no dead angle to prevent foreign matter from flying in!

Exercise is also a profound knowledge. No matter what kind of sports equipment you like to wear, don't forget your eyes.

After all, with good vision, you can enjoy running.