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What kind of sunglasses are suitable for summer ?
- Aug 10, 2018 -

What kind of sunglasses are suitable for summer ?

In the summer when you want to be the hot sun, everyone thinks about sun protection. Yes, it is really necessary to protect the sun in summer, but in addition to applying sunscreen, sunglasses are also one of the must-have items. So, what kind of sunglasses are suitable for summer to help the sunscreen? Today, the passion sport company glasses manufacturer tells you!

1, do not buy acrylic lenses in summer, easy to be deformed by heat, it is best to choose the material of glass or resin.

2, the color of the lens should be deep enough, if you can see your glasses through the mirror, you should consider changing a little deeper.

3, do not choose the lens area is too small, so the effect of blocking light will be much less.

4, pay attention to whether the product has a sunscreen mark.


However, the glasses manufacturer reminds everyone to pay attention to the fact that the wearing time should not be too long, so as not to adjust the burden and fatigue; it is not recommended to wear indoors and in places where the light is not strong at night.


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