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What are Harley glasses
- Sep 13, 2018 -

Harley glasses, a kind of sunglasses, large lens, light color, windshield, sun protection, in the 1980s in the city young people are fashionable, become fashionable men and women's pet. Vintage sunglasses are often called "sunglass". It's called Harley's glasses because of the goggles you wear on Harley's motorcycle.

People who play Harley must wear the goggles. Harley's goggles are made of frames, lenses and fixed bands. The frames are designed to be rounded and curved in line with the human face.

In addition to the common functions of sports glasses, the blocking of ultraviolet radiation of cycling glasses deserves special attention. Most cyclists ride on roads, which are better reflecting sunlight in the sun than mud or grass. Because of the different cycling posture, cyclists have more time to look directly at the road surface than people who ride ordinary bikes, and thus receive more ultraviolet reflection. Long-term absorption of ultraviolet light by the eyes can lead to cataracts! Cycling glasses can greatly protect ‍ eyes from these injuries.