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​The difference between spherical ski goggles and cylindrical ski goggles
- Aug 29, 2018 -

The difference between spherical ski goggles and cylindrical ski goggles

In recent years, spherical mirrors have appeared, and the previous mainstream is cylindrical mirrors. The main differences and characteristics of the two are:

1. Visual error: In the case of glasses, the horizontal error of the spherical mirror and the cylindrical mirror is the same on the visual level; however, when the eye is looking up and looking down, the vertical error of the cylindrical mirror is gradually increased. This is a single board player and dual board sliding flight and grinding styles (flying, flipping, rotating, steel and U-shaped grooves). Players often need to look up and down, and need more precise control of the action and position, often choose the reason for the spherical mirror; of course, the spherical mirror looks more gorgeous, in line with this style.

2. The spherical surface is relatively stable and more impact resistant than the cylindrical structure.

3. Since the head is an elliptical ball type, it is long and long. Especially when wearing a helmet and a cylindrical mirror at the same time, the overall frontal wind resistance of the human head is small, and the double-plate racing athletes remain unchanged during the sliding process. So almost all the two-board racing players have chosen a cylindrical mirror.

4, the same degree of convexity, the space inside the cylindrical mirror is large, so almost all snow mirrors equipped with myopia mirrors are cylindrical mirrors. In addition, after the spherical mirror is colored or coated, it looks more modern and more in line with current aesthetic trends.

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