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​The difference between ski goggles and ordinary goggles
- Aug 27, 2018 -

The difference between ski goggles and ordinary goggles

The ski goggles are divided into a mountain mirror, a platform mirror, an off-road mirror, and a self-curving mirror. Because the sun reflected on the snow is very strong, and the cold wind in the taxi is very irritating to the eyes, ski goggles are needed to protect the skier's eyes.

Ski goggles should have the following functions: first, to prevent cold wind from irritating to the eyes; second, to prevent ultraviolet rays from burning on the eyes; third, the mirror can not be fogged; fourth, the ski goggles should not cause damage to the face after falling .

According to the above requirements, you should try to choose a fully enclosed ski goggles, which looks like a goggle, but does not buckle your nose. The outer frame is made of soft plastic and can be placed against the face to prevent air ingress. The mirror is made of a colored material coated with an anti-fog UV coating. This material is very soft, twisted and deformed without breaking, to ensure that the mirror will not be damaged when it is impacted. In addition, the upper edge of the outer frame is provided with a venting opening made of a breathable sponge, so that the hot air discharged from the facial skin is scattered outside the mirror to ensure a good visual effect of the mirror surface.

With the development of science and technology, the ski lens has also evolved from a single layer to a double layer, from no frost to frost, and can be applied to various weather conditions. The frame is safer for plastic products, and the color of the lens is preferably yellow or brown.

It should be noted that skiers wearing glasses should choose a ski goggle with a thicker frame to cover the myopia. People with poor eyesight should not wear contact lens skiing. If the contact lens falls after falling, the possibility of finding it is almost non-existent.

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