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The choice of ski goggles, best ski goggle brands
- Sep 11, 2018 -

Ski goggles is one of the types of goggles, can effectively prevent vapor when skiing, snow, and ice damage to eyes, ski mirror on the market price from 100 yuan to 5000 yuan, choose ski also need to try with the goggles, mainly to see fit, and face the second prevent mist sex is also choose one of the important indices for ski goggles, ski goggles anti-fog function mainly, the lens, the lens material is cellulose acetate sheet, English is the CP sheet, is one of the types of resin, to permanently prevent mist, acid cellulose plates are expensive, the board that domestic reach optical standards, now more than 95% of the anti-fog for imports, It is recommended to choose the endoscope as the snow mirror of cellulose acetate plate. There are two kinds of outer lens of ski mirror, one is spherical mirror and the other is cylindrical mirror.

Ski mirrors with a ball mirror have a wider field of vision and are generally 1.4MM thick, but the convex part of the ball mirror is prone to scratches. There are two kinds of cylindrical mirrors, one is 1.4mm and the other is 0.8mm. The impact resistance of the lenses with different thickness is different. The effect of 1.4mm cylindrical mirror and spherical mirror are almost the same, and the impact resistance is also the same. People think that the cylindrical mirror is not good when they choose it, which is a mistake. At present, there is no national standard related to ski goggles in China, so most of the ski goggles sold in China use European CE standards. When buying, please check whether there is CE mark on the picture frame