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Steps for cleaning protective glasses in different environments
- Dec 13, 2018 -

Chemical production environment

Chemical production environment When the chemical liquid adheres to the lens, please clean the lens with water or an effective solvent as soon as possible to avoid corrosion of the coating due to long-term adhesion of the chemical liquid to the lens, which may affect the anti-expansion effect of the coating.

Dust environment

When dust or coarse particles adhere to the lens, first wash off the dirt on the surface of the lens with water, and then wipe the lens. If the lens is directly wiped without first flushing the dirt, the lens coating will be worn and the life of the lens will be shortened.

Spraying environment

When the lens _ adheres to the paint, please wash the surface of the lens with an effective solvent as soon as possible before drying the paint, and then use a special lens cleaning kit to clean the lens to clear the coating to protect the lens.