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Sports goggles purchase
- Nov 29, 2018 -

Due to the variety of outdoor sports, including extreme cycling, outdoor mountaineering, jogging, skiing, golf, camping, etc., the functional requirements of sports glasses are different for different sports. For those who are engaged in intense extreme sports, sports safety glasses should be equipped with safety (PC lens), protection (TR-90 frame), comfort (slip-proof nose pads and foot covers), and aesthetics (with sports and casual wear). ) The effect. The windshield is suitable for long-term sports enthusiasts in the outside world, especially in areas with strong wind and sand. In order to meet the needs of myopia sports enthusiasts, the birth of myopia sports goggles has brought them the gospel.

The function of myopia sports goggles not only includes the performance of general myopia glasses, but also uses PC material to resist the impact surface, so that myopia friends can enjoy the fun of sports. There is also long-term exposure to the sun, strong and long-term exposure to the sun, the need to buy sports goggles.