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Snow goggles market, difference between the spherical mirror and the cylindrical mirror
- Sep 11, 2018 -

1. The spherical lens has a wide field of vision, and its design is more in line with ergonomic principles.

2. The spherical lens has a larger field of vision. Due to the prominent spherical surface, the space between the lens and the human eye increases a lot, which will bring some benefits. The spherical surface makes the distance between the lens to the human eye increased, and the steam of human eye will not encounter the cold lens very soon, so as to achieve anti-fogging effect.

3. The spherical lens is designed to be closer to the shape of human eyeball, so that the line of sight is perpendicular to the lens at any Angle when the eyeball is rotating, reducing the possibility of parallax. The lens is far away from the human eye, and it will be more difficult to touch the eyeball under the accidental impact.

4. Of course, in terms of aesthetic effect, the spherical lens looks cooler. The prominent focusing effect of the spherical lens makes the surrounding scenes focus on the lens, and the sceneries of lens effect appear on the lens. So, of course, the first thing to recommend when buying snow glass is a spherical lens, but a spherical lens is generally more expensive.

5. The ski mirror equipped with the spherical mirror has a wider field of vision and is generally 1.4mm thick, but the convex part of the spherical mirror is easy to be scratched.

6. The spherical lens will have a certain deformation rate, that is, the object will be deformed when you see it. However, cylindrical mirrors have a better performance in this respect. The thickness of the lenses of ski goggles is required to be as low as 1.27mm. 1.14mm. The cost of cylindrical mirrors and spherical mirrors is almost the same. The impact resistance is the same.