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Ski goggles purchase guide
- Nov 30, 2018 -

How many lenses should I choose?

Many goggles have multiple layers of lenses. Multi-layer lens goggles are more foggy than the lens lens goggles. In general, you'd better buy a pair of multi-layer lens goggles.

Other factors that reduce fog?

Multilayer lenses help reduce fog. Also, make sure the lens has been treated with an anti-fog reagent. Another way to prevent fogging is to ventilate. Many goggles have venting holes at the top and bottom of the lens. Allows fresh air to circulate, reduces fogging, and provides fresh air to your eyes. The larger the hole, the better the ventilation. However, the larger the hole, the colder it will be.

What color lens should I choose?

There are many different colors for a particular color required for different lighting conditions:

Black/Polarized: Reduces the brightness of the light, does not change the color of the light, is suitable for bright sunny conditions, and may be darker in the evening.

Green/Silver White: Increases contrast for brighter conditions.

Yellow/Amber/Golden Lens: Filters blue light to provide shade, suitable for most conditions, especially low or medium light conditions.

Purple/Rose Red: Best for low light conditions because it provides shade and sharp outlines

Marine lenses: best used in dark lighting conditions such as sunset conditions or cloudy conditions.