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Ski glasses maintenance
- Jun 22, 2018 -

Ski glasses are delicate equipment. If you want to use more for several years, you must use and maintain it. Try not to touch the mirror by hand, but also be careful not to scratch the mirror surface with sharp objects (be careful not to put the phone, the key together, etc. so as not to scratch the mirror), always keep the mirror clean without stains, observe the glasses before and after each use, if any Dust can be wiped with silk or eyeglasses.

Stain can be used with a professional camera to use the lens paper, gently circle around the stain until removed, if you must use water detergent, be sure to use neutral. Do not immerse the lens in water or flush it with water. This slower drying will make it easier to get dirty or leave traces of impurities after the water evaporates.