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Goggles manufacturing materials
- Jun 22, 2018 -

When the lens is manufactured, a part of metal oxides such as iron, diamond, chromium, niobium, nickel, manganese, and some rare earth metal oxides such as cerium, etc. are added to the general optical glass formula. These metal oxides can make Glass selectively absorbs electromagnetic waves of certain wavelengths in the light. For example, the oxides of antimony and iron can absorb ultraviolet rays in large quantities. Using such glass lenses can reduce the amount of certain wavelengths passing through the lenses and reduce or prevent eye damage.

Lens hair pieces are generally round, the specifications of its diameter, the unit is mm, there are φ48, φ50, φ52, φ56, φ60, φ65, φ70 and so on, the most commonly used are φ56, φ60, φ65 three kinds of specifications. Due to the popularity of large frames, the use of large lenses such as φ70 has increased.