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Function of snow goggles glasses, snow goggles 2018
- Sep 11, 2018 -

Yellow lenses enhance visual acuity and sense of shade and depth, and are best used in plain lighting or smoggy/cloudy weather. Orange can enhance the sense of shadow, suitable for fog or cloudy weather; Brown can increase contrast and is suitable for strong lighting. Gray can restore true color, suit bright sunshine; Rose color increases depth perception, suitable for smooth lighting; The bronze color can increase contrast and depth perception and is suitable for foggy and cloudy days. Transparent colors are suitable for most lighting conditions, especially snowfall weather, sunset and night environment. Golden color enhances shadow perception and contrast, making it an "all-purpose lens." Good skiers can prepare different colors of ski goggles for different weather conditions, and some ski goggles can even be changed, which is much more convenient than preparing extra snow goggles.