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Application of goggles
- Dec 15, 2018 -

● Foreign body eye damage

Foreign body eye injury refers to grinding metal; cutting non-metal or cast iron; using hand tools, portable electric tools, pneumatic tools to flush and repair metal castings; cutting rivets or screws; cutting or scraping boilers; crushing stones or concrete When foreign matter such as sand or metal debris enters the eye or impacts the face.

●Ionizing radiation eye damage

Ionizing radiation mainly occurs in the atomic energy industry, nuclear power plants (such as nuclear power plants, nuclear submarines), nuclear explosions, high-energy physics tests, medical department diagnosis, isotope diagnosis and treatment. The eyes can be exposed to ionizing radiation with serious consequences. When the total dose is absorbed over 2 Gy, cataracts begin to appear in individuals, and their incidence increases with increasing total dose.

●Microwave and laser eye damage

Microwaves can cause crystal turbidity due to thermal effects, leading to the occurrence of "cataracts". Laser projection onto the retina can cause burns, and lasers greater than 0.1 μW can also cause eyeball bleeding, protein coagulation, melting, and permanent blindness.

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